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Plating Decor Surface Treatments:
25 years’ experience in surface treatments with precious metals.

Plating Decor was founded on 14 April 1986, with 4 employees, focused on the Spanish market, where the finishes were golden flash, goldplating with 1-2 microns, and silver plating.

In the early nineties, the incorporation of reliable, experienced technicians from the precious metal industry treatments prepared the company for growth, opening itself up to foreign markets and beginning to export to France, Benelux, Portugal etc.

In 1995, the company moved to new 2,000 sq. m facilities in SANT FELIU del LLOBREGAT and, since then, we have continued to penetrate the European market to the point where today exports account for 94% of our turnover.

In the last few years, investment has exceeded 3 million euros, including 2 new facilities that will open in spring 2012. These facilities will be devoted to supplying the luxury and decoration market, using materials like ZAMAK, brass and stainless steel.

Throughout its history, Plating Decor has developed exclusive processes that make it stand out from the market standards for surface treatments with precious metals. They include silver protection using rhodium. These one process eliminate black or white spots when exhibited in shop windows. Bicolour two- and three-colour processes on any kind of metal and/or stainless steel (316L, surgical, etc). This process, exclusive to Plating Decor, combines the different colours of gold (in any thickness), rhodium, ruthenium, palladium, etc.

Our main finishes are gold plating up to 10 microns, most commonly 3 or 5 microns, with the final colour as requested by the customer, using our own processes for the rhodium plating of silver, and two colours on any surface, including any stainless steel.

Our main markets are quality costume jewellery, decoration and luxury, supplying the top world brands.

We believe that, with our experience accumulated over 25 years, our highly-qualified staff and our know-how, we will be ready for the new technological challenges. These could be the proper distribution of thicknesses over the whole piece, more demanding quality control, etc. At the same time, our concept of responsibility to our customers means that we advise them and provide them with the technical assistance necessary so that, with the synergies of both parties, the end product has the best possible properties. All this means that we can face the next 25 years with the same enthusiasm as we have shown to date, or even more.

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