Electroplating of industrial parts

Plating Decor offers exclusive precious metal coatings for industrial and electronic parts.

This allows us to automate the precious metal deposition process on parts for the industrial or electronic sector, while preserving the highest quality. Our automated line is equipped with coatings of the same electrochemical characteristics as our manual lines. We provide the same precision to the parts processed in the automatic line as to those processed in the manual line, while offering a production volume required by the industry. To accommodate greater volumes, we can accelerate the productivity process.

With our tanks of up to 1000 L, we can treat, coat or protect parts from a few decimetres to 1.5 metres with gold, silver or palladium.

Surface treatment of industrial parts

Treatment of small parts

Surface treatment of small parts
We are equipped to process small, simple parts such as screws, fasteners, washers, rings, buttons, rivets, etc., or more complex parts, including springs, zips, carabiners or any other parts that possess a type of mechanism.
For these parts, we guarantee uniform thickness finishes, to the same quality as those on manual lines.

Treatment of automotive and luxury parts

Perfect for automotive, luxury, leather goods, and decoration components.
Part for luxury sector
Part made for luxury sector
Parts for leather goods