Surface treatment

We can offer any type of silver, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium and multi-color coating on any base material.


1N Gold deposit
18-carat gold has the ideal characteristics for jewellery, as its hardness means it is more resistant to corrosion and abrasion. The final colour will be given by a 24-carat coating.
By adding other components to this coating, we can adjust the colour of the deposit. We offer 9 types of 24-carat finishes, allowing you to choose any possible shades of gold. All our coatings are developed by our in-house laboratory and we can guarantee the ethical origin of their components.
All our gilding complies with international standards and is guaranteed nickel-free. The thickness of the classic deposition in jewelry is between 3 and 5 microns and we can work up to 50 microns. All gold tones can be shiny or satin.


Silver deposit
Silvering is ideal for white finishes, whether glossy or matte.
Several undercoats come to prepare and reinforce the silvering. We apply a final protective layer to reinforce resistance to corrosion and oxidation. The process used is guaranteed without antimony.
We also work the old silver finish. The thickness of the classic deposition in jewelry is between 5 and 10 microns and we can work up to 20 microns.


Palladium deposit
Palladium deposition presents a gray finish similar to the appearance of stainless steel. It is a more economical alternative to rhodium or platinum.
Our palladium bath is produced by our laboratory and provides excellent corrosion resistance. Palladium has been used in jewelery since 1939 and it was from the beginning of the 20th century that it became a real alternative to Rhodium or platinum, offering better resistance to oxidation and greater hardness. Our palladium electrolytic bath does not contain nickel.
The usual thickness is 0.1 to 0.2 microns of pure palladium. We also deposit greater thicknesses, up to 10 microns, for parts that are not in repeated contact with the skin, such as metal parts in leather goods.


Rhodium deposit
Rhodium keeps the good appearance of the parts without the need for additional care.
Our rhodium bath allows us to obtain excellent results. It maintains the appearance of the parts without the need for additional treatment. The resulting color is similar to the color of silver and has a uniform tone.
The thickness of rhodium applied is 0.1 to 0.2 micron.


Ruthenium deposit
The ruthenium gives the parts a black colored finish.
This metal is very hard and offers an important contrast with other metals such as silver, rhodium and gold. It is for this reason that we frequently use it for multi-coloured parts.
The usual thickness is 0.1 to 0.2 microns of ruthenium.

Multicolor finishes

Multicolored deposition
Two-tone, tri-color and quad-color. We make combinations, on the same piece, of all possible types of finish thanks to an artisanal process that we have put in place.
This type of finish offers a large number of combinations allowing the creation of original and exclusive pieces.
The thickness of the usual deposits is 3 to 5 microns and can reach up to 10 microns.